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Courses for foreigners in Italy

See a list of schools, centers, academies that offer courses in various disciplines aimed primarily at foreign students.
You can search for courses by region (and/or city, and/or type). In selecting the type of courses, the menu items are deliberately broad, like "Italian Language", "Design," "Music" and "Song", for which see the school website where you can see all the sub-types deals.
If you search for Italian language courses, visit the website of the centers reported here will allow you to distinguish schools exclusively devoted to teaching Italian to foreigners than those who offer language courses as a supplement to other courses, including art, fashion, design , cooking, etc..

Guarantees of reliability in terms of organization and quality in terms of teaching are offered by schools of Italian language and culture that have been recognized named acknowledged the MIUR (following an inspection of the Ministry of Education, 'University and Scientific Research)

By visiting the website of schools occurs when part of associations that aim to protect the quality of services and respond to customers, such as:

National level:
ASILS (Association of Schools of Italian as a second language)
AIL (Italian Academy of Language)

FIYTO (Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations)
ALTO (Association of Language Travel Organisations)
IALC (International Association of Language Centres)
TANDEM (International Network of Quality Language Institutes)
EAQUALS (the European Association for Quality Language Services)
IHWO (International House World Organisation)

It 'also important to know whether schools are recognized as a training organization and are authorized to issue Certificates of proficiency in Italian.

All schools that do not have any of these requirements is recommended to check if their website contains clear and precise information on:
- Economic conditions of courses offered (price, deposits, return of deposits in case of cancellation);
- Where you take the courses (buildings, classrooms, infrastructure, technical equipment);
- Characteristics of housing for students (cost and location);
- Teaching staff (qualifications and curricula);
- Teaching materials used.