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Who are.
To deserving young Italians in possession of evidence of undergraduate degree or graduate degree or the old system (achieved by no more than 18 months) or graduates of the University or attend Italian masters 1st and 2nd degree (but not graduate over 18 month)

Where and when held.
Are offered the possibility of a training period of three months at the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome or at the premises of the Ministry abroad:
Italian Cultural Institute;
Italian Embassies;
Italian Consulates;
Permanent Representative to the International Organizations.

Internships are normally divided into three periods of the year (January to April, May to August, September-December).

Who organizes.
Internships have been established by the Convention between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Diplomatic Institute) and the Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI).
Convention between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Diplomatic Institute) and the Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI) have joined so far 57 Italian universities. During 2001-2004 more than 3000 internships were offered at the Ministry or overseas, for which they have received almost 10,000 applications for candidates.

The program is aimed at those wishing to make contact with the system of international relations of our country in the political, economic, socio-cultural, scientific and development cooperation, and offers the opportunity to gain - from a privileged perspective - a direct knowledge and concrete structures of the Ministry of operations in Italy and abroad. It is therefore suitable both for those who are interested in drawing guidelines for starting an international career and for those who wish to pursue a project in-depth study on the ground in their baggage, to complete the path of academic study

The Diplomatic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Diplomatic Institute has been coordinating the program and various aspects of its management, in collaboration with the CRUI. In particular: it defines how the objectives and content, prepare the periodic publication of the positions offered by their job descriptions and promotes the widest possible dissemination; shall select candidates; care initiatives to give a meaningful and educational activities of the winners selected by branches and offices assignees, shall monitor the general progress of work experience and achievements.

On the website of the Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities you can have more information on the procedures and requirements for participation, as well as a list of universities that participate. Those interested should also contact the relevant offices of the respective universities which gather the applications and they will provide full details on this. Information may be obtained from the Diplomatic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the following e-mail: