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In major cities on five continents, the 90 Italian Cultural Institutes are currently operating an ideal meeting place for intellectuals and dialogue, artists and other cultural workers, but also for ordinary citizens, both Italian and foreign, wishing to establish or maintain a relationship with our country.

Italy not only to showcase and source of updated information on the "country system", but also as driving force of initiatives and activities of cultural cooperation, Italian Institute of Culture becomes essential reference point for Italian communities abroad and the growing demand for Italian culture that exists throughout the world.

Support the work already done by Embassies and Consulates, the Italian Cultural Institutes identify the most appropriate instruments to promote Italy's image as a center of production, conservation and cultural diffusion from classical times to the present giorni.Oltre organization of cultural events in different areas (art, music, cinema, theater, dance, fashion, design, photography, literature, publishing), the Italian Cultural Institutes:


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