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Institute library contains more than 18,000 volumes mainly in the Italian language.

Italian Cultural Institute
Šporkova 14, 118 00 Prague 1
Tel.: +420 257 090 689
Fax.: +420 257 531 284

Opening hours
Monday   09.30 - 18.00
Tuesday     09.30 - 18.00
Wednesday    16.00 - 19.30
Thursday        closed
Friday          closed

General information
The library is freely accessible to all, prezenčná loan documents from the fund is also free.
Library staff is available to users when searching the electronic catalog bases, carrying out searches and other matters relating to the library and its fund.
For outside loans it needed user registration and composition of the annual fee.
Registered users are exposed to personal non-transferable license valid for 12 months.
All administrative operations, enrollment and registration of borrowing shall be at least 15 minutes before opening time.

Users Registration's Conditions
To register for the lending library system must be citizens of the foreign nationals with permanent residence to submit a photo identity card and passport.
In other cases, you must submit a passport, proof of temporary residence in the Republic, including addresses and passport size photograph.
For minors under 15 must submit a written request for authorization from the guardian.

Local borrow materials from the fund is freely accessible for free.
Volumes captured from the shelves to be after graduation is always left on the table. Library staff will take care of the appropriate re-classification.
In the study areas, the user must act so as to not disturb other readers. It is expressly forbidden to use mobile phones and bringing food or beverages.
Registered readers using off-site library services to assume full responsibility for materials borrowed. Absence can be hired at most three titles at once. The loan period is 30 days and upon request it may be extended for a further 30 days. For operational reasons, the library reserves the right to shorten the loan period or require repayment of borrowed materials before expiry. Outside loan scheme does not apply to titles of full-time fund, part of multi-volume works or rare collections, works published before 1945, the volumes are in poor condition and periodicals.
In case of loss or damage to library materials borrowed by the Italian Cultural Institute reserves the right to their de facto or financial compensation.
In case of failure to return rented titles after the loan period, the user will receive a written or electronic notice. If even after the third reminder not to return borrowed materials, the Italian Cultural Institute reserves the right to proceed legally. The off-site lending services are automatically excluded those users who had to be in a year three writing reminder to repay the loan. It is strictly forbidden to make any reproduction of copies of borrowed books and other materials. Italian Cultural Institute assumes no responsibility for any prosecution of users who have infringed copyrights.

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Nota Bene: All users to register their signature confirms acceptance of the terms of the Library Regulations. The library reserves the right to exclude off-site loan service users who do not respect this order. Italian Cultural Institute is not responsible for any loss of personal belongings discarded by the library or in the hallway.